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· Responsible for the processing of bi-weekly payrolls.

· Maintain employee payroll and personnel records and information in Oracle, including address changes, taxation, compensation, deductions, wage garnishments, benefit changes, etc.

· Maintain federal, state, and local payroll tax records. Assist the Compliance team in reconciling tax accounts, reconciling annual reports, and preparing annual W-2’s.

· Understand and maintain client’s policies with PTO plans, holiday payment, shift differentials, etc. based upon the client’s handbook and policies while adhering the federal, state, and local regulations.

· Maintain employee assignment costing in the payroll system. Prepare costing reports for Corporate Accounting for preparing invoices to clients.

· Assist with client inquires including billing questions from the clients related to payroll and benefit expenses.

· Assist with payroll account reconciliations with the general ledger.

· Prepare various payroll reports for clients and management.

· Back-up to other Payroll Accountant positions.

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